Success Stories

We are interested in hearing the success you have had with The Waste Exchange. Tell us your story!

  • Food Scrap Buckets

    Waste Watchers Ltd have been collecting buckets from a Mt Maunganui food processor and making them available for reuse to other organisations on the Waste Exchange. There are limited options to recycle hard plastics such as 20l buckets, however there is good demand for reuse. The buckets are clean with tight fitting lids, which gives them plenty of reuse options. More and more schools are beginning to look at ways to divert food scraps from landfill. The buckets are perfect for the job.

    Throughout 2013, Waste Watchers Ltd has supplied almost 100 of the 20l buckets to various organisations wanting to use them for food scraps collections. Since the buckets come from the food-manufacturing sector, they are clean and tidy for the next person looking to reuse them. It is another example of how the Waste Exchange works well for certain types of products that otherwise appear to be non-recyclable.
  • Drumming up success!

    I came across your website while searching for recycled items on Google. I saw some metal drums and contacted them via email. I received a reply, made contact with the person concerned and collected the three 205 litre metal drums from Eureka. Many thanks to the guys at the orchard for all their help. You guys are tops. The whole process was so easy and what a great resource.
  • Warming homes with recycled curtains

    A very happy Sean is now able to curtain his home, replacing some old worn out curtains with some good quality curtains donated to the Waikato Environment Centre. Warming homes and making use of old, good quality curtains means happiness!
  • Bulk Bags Diverted From Landfill

    Road Science operate world-class manufacturing plants and storage facilities for emulsions and poly-modified binders for the roading industry. In 2013 Road Science were looking at additional ways to minimise waste at the Mt Maunganui plant. Some of the materials being discarded every month were not accepted through local recycling collection services. With help from Waste Watchers Ltd, Road Science considered listing on the Waste Exchange as a method to keep more materials out of landfill.

    Along with diverting about 250 to 300 plastic shipping pallets annually, Road Science are also diverting about the same amount of bulk bags (wool sack type) from landfill each year. The bulk bags are reused by a local recycling centre and the pallets are collected and reused by a cargo handling company. The bulk bags and the pallets used to end up in a 9 cu metre skip.