About NoTHrow

Nothrow is an online tool designed to help businesses, organisations and people find markets for by-products, surplus materials and resources. Through Nothrow, people who have unwanted materials can find alternative pathways to landfill for their materials through connecting with organisations and people who are able to reuse their unwanted materials.

Nothrow is a free service available to all business, industry and may be used by non-profit organisations, schools and individuals to locate materials they need.


Through Nothrow businesses can:

  • Find alternatives to the landfilling of unwanted materials
  • Save on disposal costs
  • Support community groups and schools by registering re-usable materials

Through Nothrow everyone can:

  • Access re-usable materials
  • Access information about local recyclers and regional recycling services
  • Reduce rubbish going to landfill
  • Make cool stuff!


The goal of Nothrow is to conserve energy and our valuable finite resources and to create a better understanding about alternatives for materials use and reuse.  The over arching ethos of the exchange is that ‘one person’s waste is another person’s treasure’.


Nothrow encourages the free exchange of unwanted materials. We understand there may be some small costs associated with transporting and covering overheads for stockpiling, but encourage all materials listed on this site to be of low to no cost.

Searching for Materials

If you are searching for a type of material, click on the 'Search for' box under the 'Listings' menu to the left of the screen and follow the instructions. Enter your search criteria then click go!  When you find a material you will need to make sure you are registered to find out the details of the company that listed the material.

Registering Materials

To register an unwanted material, simply click on the ‘Manage Listings’ on the top right hand-side of the screen and under ‘I have Waste’ click the grey box ‘ADD LISTING’.  If you have any questions please email contact us for assistance.